The temperature is about the time-based quality of the PET bottle blank

The temperature lack: a situation in which the temperature is lacking, and the bottle blank produced under such a situation is like the time of the steamed steamed steamed bun, the comparison is small and distorted Transparency is also very poor, and the time division is directly unable to use it, the bottle wall is the thickness, but it is not how strong. 

The content of the article comes from the network.At the time of the product of the plastic material such as PET bottle embryo, the temperature is a major factor on the impact of the quality, then what is the impact on the quality of the time when it is? Let's take a look at it. The temperature is about the time-based quality of the PET bottle blank. Z is a large local, as long as the problem is mastered, the quality of the quality is absolutely no problem.

The temperature is too high: at the time division of the PET bottle blank, in general, if the temperature of the machining is high, it is a serious impact on the overall quality, may result in problems Many, it seems to be thin, transparency is high, and the time is not strong, and the bottle glass mist spray bottle Manufacturers blank has a soft nature, which is not reliable. However, the uneven portion of the plastic bottle is not easy to measure, and the needs of different parts and different samples can not be fully satisfied with different parts and different samples. Third, the sliced ​​method test thickness.

About PET Bottle Embryo Features and Temperate Solution The content is above, we can come over and read. If you have this confusion, let's take a look. In the process of specific bottle, the bottle embryos may have insufficient temperatures.The intensity characteristics are outstanding, through the biaxial stretch, various characteristics can further progress. Features of the PET bottle blank the balance of fragrant is good, and the airtightness is good.excellent chemical resistance, almost impact all organic drugs with acid. 6, slow down the cooling water flow rate.

Compared with other raw materials, the advantages of PET are more obvious, and it can play a role in the manufacture of bottles such as reagents, medical insurance and beverages.The transparency is outstanding as high as more than 90%, the surface is outstanding, and the appearance is in glass.The PET bottle blank is part of the manufacturing bottle, mainly due to injection molding. The content of the article comes from the network. Suitably improve the temperature.Accelerate the injection.Adjust the hot tuning temperature.

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